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The Skyway is an elevated roadway supported by piers extending for over a mile across Oakland mudflats. The Skyway will eventually connect the new Self-Anchored Suspension (SAS) span with the Oakland Touchdown. The Skyway marine foundation consists of 160 hollow steel-pipe piles measuring eight feet in diameter and dispersed among 14 sets of piers. The Skyway’s decks are composed of the world’s largest pre-cast concrete segments (standing three-stories high). During design phase, AMC performed parametric studies to obtain optimal structural frame systems, nonlinear time-history analysis considering multiple supports and variable depth motions, and seismic performance evaluation of the structural system and its components. During construction phase, AMC reviewed composite drawings (shop drawings) of all 28 pier tables, precast concrete segments, hinge segments, transition steel orthotropic tubs, bike path panels, and Transverse prestressing ensuring conformance to contractor’s submittals to the contract plans, CCOs and RFIs on a tight contractual schedule.

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