New San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge – Self-Anchored Suspension (SAS) Span Construction Services - Oakland, CA

Located east of Yerba Buena Island (YBI), the Self-Anchored Suspension (SAS) span will be the signature span of the new Bay Bridge. There is only one main cable on the new Self-Anchored Suspension (SAS) span, which will be anchored to the deck itself and will wrap around the west end of the structure and connect back into the deck. When complete, it will be the longest single tower, self-anchored suspension bridge in the world.

AMC's responsibilities:

AMC staff was part of the Orthotropic Box Girder (OBG) shop drawing review team and SAS Tower shop drawing review team. AMC was responsible for the review and approval of contractor’s submittals for the fabrication of the OBG and the Tower. The main review items were conformation to contract plans for plate sizes, connection details – bolts or welding, and geometry; in addition to any construction issues referred in the specifications. Due to the complex geometry of each part and each assembly, and for interference check, all engineers had to be proficient in AutoCAD and basic knowledge of Solidworks. With the complexity of the east end transition, the total drawings reviewed for OBG exceeded 20,000 sheets.

In addition to review drawings, AMC staff was also responsible for creating and maintaining a database to track OBG review status of parts, assemblies, and other related document control functions. David Chen of AMC served as the QC/QA engineer for Lift 12 &13 to review work performed by dozens of junior engineers making sure the contractor’s submittals reflected the current CCOs and RFIs.

Due to the review task being in the critical path of the project, as well as to meet the contractual response turn around requirements, AMC staff was asked to work overtime in numerous occasions and in all cases completed the assignment to the client’s satisfaction.

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