Caltrans Professional Engineering Structure Construction Inspection Services for District 4, CA, Contract No. 59A0764

Construction of Bridge and Roadway, Reconstruct Weigh Station, Widen Ramps on Route 12, Fairfield, Solano County

Construct bridge, reconstruct weigh station, and widen ramps on state highway in Solano County in and near Fairfield on route 12 from 80/12 east junction to 0.2 miles west of Chadbourne Road undercrossing and on route 80 at various locations from 0.2 miles west of Suisun Valley Road overcrossing to 0.5 mile west of Abernathy Road overcrossing. Project consists of constructing a new California Highway Patrol truck weigh station which will replace the existing facility. The project has concrete pavement, pavement markers and traffic lines, metal beam guard railing, excavation and backfill, drainage inlets, a bridge and cast-in-place reinforced concrete structures, culverts and box culvert wingwalls, temporary crash cushion, utility lines, planting and irrigation components, CIDH piles with various overhead signs, building and site lighting electrical systems, and MSE retaining walls.

AMC provided an Inspector to support the Resident Engineer of the project. The Inspector performed the following field inspection and office engineer tasks:

Bayshore Viaduct & Central Freeway - Replace Drainage Systems, Bearings, and Joint Seals and Treat Deck, San Francisco

This technically challenging project consists of replacement of precast barrier sections, drainage improvements, replacement of grout pads for bridge abutments, spall repairs, joint seal replacement, as well as bridge deck treatment with high molecular weight methacrylate.

AMC provided an Inspector to support the Resident Engineer of the project. The Inspector performed field inspection and office engineer tasks.

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